Beyond Birth: 3 Events to Invite Your Videographer to While You Are Pregnant

Many couples want to document the birth of their children. To get a high-quality film of the birth of your child while leaving you and your partner free to focus on the birthing process, it is a good idea to hire a professional videographer. However, for a truly memorable keepsake, you should consider selecting your videographer early and inviting them to some of the major milestones during pregnancy as you prepare to welcome your child into the world. 

Gender-Reveal Party

If you are throwing a gender-reveal party, consider having your videographer attend part of it. A gender-reveal party is often during the beginning of the second trimester and is the first time (after the announcement) when family and friends get together to celebrate your baby. Your videographer can get your loved one’s guesses over what gender the baby will be and will also get memorable shots of your gender reveal and your immediate reaction to the revelation. 

Baby Shower 

The baby shower will often be later in your pregnancy, so you will likely have that pregnancy glow about you. This will eventually allow your child to see what you looked like and acted like while you were pregnant with them. To save money, you do not have to book your videographer for the entire event. An hour should be plenty of time to allow the videographer to get a good amount of footage of you opening presents or cutting cake as well as filming some of the advice your friends and family give you. 

Last Day of Work 

If you are working before the baby is born, you may want to book a short session with your videographer on your last day of work. If you are close with your workmates, the videographer can stop by your workplace to get their well-wishes. Otherwise, invite them to your home to give your final thoughts about the baby before he or she is born. By then, your nursery should be put together and ready to go, making it an excellent place to film your final thoughts before you become a parent. 

Although having a video of your birth can be a good memory, a mini-documentary of your pregnancy might be a better keepsake. If you are unsure of what events to include, talk to your videographer and ask for their suggestions. They may want to include interviews with siblings or grandparents as well as your major pregnancy events. 

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Novice Lighting Options For DJs

Your goal as a DJ is to control the mood of your audience. Your main tool for doing this is music, but don’t underestimate the power of lighting. Combining the visual and audio sensations of both music and light can take your show to the next level. Even a cheap light set can do wonders. The following guide can help you understand the options available through companies like Hollywood DJ, so you can work lights into your show.

Incandescent Can Lights

You have two main options when it comes to lights – old school lamps with incandescent bulbs, which are operated manually with a dimmer switch hooked to a control board, or more modern LED intelligent lights that can be programmed or operated manually.

The older incandescent styles are also called cans, because they resemble cans with a light bulb in the bottom. A lighting gel is inserted in each can to set the color of the light. They are then placed on stands and hooked up to a lighting board via a dimmer switch. The problem with these is that you have to operate the lighting board while you are trying to DJ if you want the lights to dim, brighten or flash.

LED Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lights can be pre-programmed to dim, flash, move, and change color. You can pre-set them before your show, or upload several shows into the system and select which one to play with a single push of the button. This means you won’t be trying to DJ and control your lights. Some systems allow you to alter pre-set shows when they are in progress. For example, if you decide on a whim you want to flash the lights in time with a scratch, you can do so manually.

Another option with these systems is a syncing function. This means the lights react to the beat of the music, so each show is unique and the movement, colors and flashing of the lights will complement the music.

Making a Choice

You can sometimes find cans and lightboards inexpensively secondhand, but generally you will spend quite a bit securing lights, stands, boards, dimmer switches and gels. In some cases, a new LED mobile set is less expensive than a used can setup. You can get all-in-one LED sets that have one or more attached to the stand. Some styles come with attached control boxes, which you can use on their own or you can plug them into a lighting control board. For the cheapest setup, purchase one or two LED stands with an included intelligent control. You can add more stands, and eventually a full light board, over time.


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Parameters Affecting Flexible Articulating Borescopes

Flexible borescopes are used for remote viewing inspection. They are particularly useful for areas around corners, behind other materials, or within tight areas where a rigid borescope cannot easily maneuver in for inspection. These borescopes have the same basic components as rigid borescopes: an objective lens, optical relay system, source of illumination, and image lens with magnification. In a flexible borescope however, optical fibers are used to transmit both the light, and image being viewed. These fibers provide the flexibility. High-end flexible borescopes also have the capability for their objective lenses (distal end) to articulate when the user moves a joystick or similar control device.

Below, the parameters affecting these borescopes are elaborated on.

Resolution- Number of Optical Fibers/Pixels

Flexible Borescopes can contain from 10,000 to 30,000 tiny optical glass fibers to transmit images. Each fiber can transmit a pixel, meaning the number of pixels and therefore resolution of the borescope corresponds to the number of fibers.To prevent cross-talk, which occurs when light from one fiber interferes with another, the fibers are acid-leached.

Housing Material

The fibers are housed in a plastic frame surrounded by either a stainless steel or tungsten sheath to provide strength and durability. In some designs, a polyurethane sheath can be used as well. The choice of material for the borescope housing will be a function of the severity of the environment, with severe environments including exposure to corrosive gases or fluids, and/or high temperatures. Tungsten is best for high temperature conditions.


The articulation is provided in either a two-way or a four-way plane. The choice of articulating type should be made considering the complexity of the part being viewed and the need for flexibility during an inspection.

Optical Parameters

There are a few viewing parameters that must be understood for optimal selection and use of a flexible articulating borescope. These include the of direction of view (DOV) and field of view (FOV). Direction of view is the angle with respect to the axis of the borescope through which the lens views the object. DOV is usually either straight ahead (00) or perpendicular (900), but can be 650 or 1100 as well. The field of view can be thought of as a cone that extends from the distal end outwards. The wider this angle, the greater the area of view, but the less sharp the image. FOV angles can range from from 35 to 120 degrees.

Type of Illumination

In modern borescopes, the illumination source is transmitted through the scope using optical fiber. Some available light sources are: the flashlight type, metal halide arc lamps, high wattage xenon lamps and ultraviolet light. The latter is useful in forensic investigations, for example. The intensity of light required is based on the size of the cavity or area being viewed, and sensitivity required during investigation.

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Wired Vs. Wireless: Choosing Security Cameras For Your Home

Both wired and wireless security cameras have the ability to make your home more secure. However, thanks to the unique way in which each of these camera options work, wired and wireless systems will come with very different sets of pros and cons. By taking a moment to review both the good and bad features associated with each option, you will be able to determine which type of camera system is right for your home.

Option #1: Wired Security Cameras

The Pros

  • No Signal Interference – Since wired security cameras transmit a signal directly to your receiver through a high quality cable, you will never need to worry about weather or other electronic devices interfering with your camera’s signal.
  • Affordable – Wired security cameras are often the most affordable to purchase since wireless systems have become increasingly popular in today’s marketplace.

The Cons

  • Limited Placement – The placement of wired security cameras will be limited by the length of the cable that accompanies these cameras. In many cases, the need to run a wire from the camera to the receiver will result in the inability to place cameras in the furthest areas of your property.
  • Difficult To Conceal – The wires that run from your security cameras to your receiver can be difficult to conceal. Furthermore, leaving these wires exposed can ultimately make your system easier for criminals to bypass and may result in cosmetic problems throughout your home. Consequently, these systems should always be installed by a professional who is capable of concealing all system wires.

Option #2: Wireless Security Cameras

The Pros

  • Can Go Anywhere – Wireless cameras can easily be mounted anywhere you wish to provide additional security. This includes distant parts of your property, and inside of items that are meant to conceal the camera so that it is not easily detected.
  • Easy To Install – Since there are no wires to run or conceal, wireless security cameras will be incredibly easy to install. In fact, most homeowners can easily install these cameras themselves within just a matter of minutes using common household tools.

The Cons

  • Potential Interference – The wireless signal used by these systems to relay information from the camera to the receiver can become less reliable in bad weather and may even experience interference when in close proximity to other electronic devices.
  • Limited Range – While wireless cameras can be easily mounted just about anywhere, there will still be a limit of how far away from the receiver these cameras can be mounted. This is because the signal produced by these cameras will have a limited range. If the camera is mounted outside of this range, the receiver may be unable to detect the signal and ultimately unable to display the camera feed.

The Bottom Line

There are many factors that must be considered when choosing between wired and wireless security cameras. For instance, you will need to consider where you wish to mount the cameras, whether or not the ability to hide the cameras is important, and whether you plan to hire a professional like Home Theatre Designs to install the cameras or if you plan to install them yourself. After the taking the time to consider all of these factors, you will be ready to choose the security cameras that are right for your specific needs.

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How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio

Do you have a band that has been performing local gigs for quite some time? Do you want to expand beyond the local realm and get recognized on a national level so you can start touring the country? If so, then you will need to create a demo CD of all your songs so that potential scouts can hear your best music. Finding and traveling to a professional, large-scale recording studio can be expensive and time-consuming, so your best bet for creating one of these CDs is to do it from your home. Here is everything you will need to create a recording studio in your home that will work just as well as a typical professional one:

A Computer

Obviously, the first thing you will need when creating a home recording studio is a computer. This computer should have at least 6GB of RAM on it, or it should at least be the highest-quality computer that you can afford. Once you get the computer, you will need to download recording software. While there are many paid software programs for recording, there are also several options that you can download for free on the internet (a simple search should yield the top performers).


Next, you will need at least one microphone to record the audio that your band will produce. Sometimes, you can connect these devices directly into the microphone input on your computer, but other times, you will need to buy a special adapter to make it work. In general, it is a good idea to record each band member individually, one at a time, because you can create separate tracks for each performer that way and then put them all in order to make your song sound the way it is supposed to within the recording software. So first you should record the guitarist, then the pianist, then the drummer, etc. Then have everyone listen to the recorded instrumental tracks and take their respective turns recording their vocals. Put it all together and your songs should sound perfect.

Microphone Stands and Pop Shields

Of course, microphone stands are a given, as your performers won’t be able to hold the microphone and play their instrument at the same time. You will also need a pop shield to cover the microphone so that clicks and pops are minimal when you are recording, thus allowing you to create fairly natural-sounding audio.

Good Headphones

You will also need a good set of headphones when setting up a home recording studio, because after you get all of the tracks recorded, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer mixing and editing everything together. Therefore, you need to find headphones that eliminate outside noises and that promote the highest-quality audio possible in stereo.

While these are just the basics, they will get you by until you are able to add more to your studio or to save up money to go to a real studio. Therefore, as long as you have this equipment and you use it properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to record a demo CD for your band from the comfort of your home. For assistance, tlak to a professional like Poll Sound.

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I never thought that a video would help bring customers to my small business. After all, wasn't that why I had a website and a social media page? A friend of mine decided to have a video professionally done and then posted it online. Hearing the results was all it took to convince me. After talking with a video expert, we set about creating three different videos. Each one focused on some aspect of my product line or my business operation. We used them on social media and on my website. I even had them saved to mini-CDRs for distribution to my customers. If you are thinking of using video to market your business, read on. I'll tell you what we did and what the effort did to my net profits. After learning more, I'm betting you'll be ready to create a video too.


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