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How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio

Do you have a band that has been performing local gigs for quite some time? Do you want to expand beyond the local realm and get recognized on a national level so you can start touring the country? If so, then you will need to create a demo CD of all your songs so that potential scouts can hear your best music. Finding and traveling to a professional, large-scale recording studio can be expensive and time-consuming, so your best bet for creating one of these CDs is to do it from your home. Here is everything you will need to create a recording studio in your home that will work just as well as a typical professional one:

A Computer

Obviously, the first thing you will need when creating a home recording studio is a computer. This computer should have at least 6GB of RAM on it, or it should at least be the highest-quality computer that you can afford. Once you get the computer, you will need to download recording software. While there are many paid software programs for recording, there are also several options that you can download for free on the internet (a simple search should yield the top performers).


Next, you will need at least one microphone to record the audio that your band will produce. Sometimes, you can connect these devices directly into the microphone input on your computer, but other times, you will need to buy a special adapter to make it work. In general, it is a good idea to record each band member individually, one at a time, because you can create separate tracks for each performer that way and then put them all in order to make your song sound the way it is supposed to within the recording software. So first you should record the guitarist, then the pianist, then the drummer, etc. Then have everyone listen to the recorded instrumental tracks and take their respective turns recording their vocals. Put it all together and your songs should sound perfect.

Microphone Stands and Pop Shields

Of course, microphone stands are a given, as your performers won't be able to hold the microphone and play their instrument at the same time. You will also need a pop shield to cover the microphone so that clicks and pops are minimal when you are recording, thus allowing you to create fairly natural-sounding audio.

Good Headphones

You will also need a good set of headphones when setting up a home recording studio, because after you get all of the tracks recorded, you will spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer mixing and editing everything together. Therefore, you need to find headphones that eliminate outside noises and that promote the highest-quality audio possible in stereo.

While these are just the basics, they will get you by until you are able to add more to your studio or to save up money to go to a real studio. Therefore, as long as you have this equipment and you use it properly, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to record a demo CD for your band from the comfort of your home. For assistance, tlak to a professional like Poll Sound.