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Beyond Birth: 3 Events to Invite Your Videographer to While You Are Pregnant

Many couples want to document the birth of their children. To get a high-quality film of the birth of your child while leaving you and your partner free to focus on the birthing process, it is a good idea to hire a professional videographer. However, for a truly memorable keepsake, you should consider selecting your videographer early and inviting them to some of the major milestones during pregnancy as you prepare to welcome your child into the world. 

Gender-Reveal Party

If you are throwing a gender-reveal party, consider having your videographer attend part of it. A gender-reveal party is often during the beginning of the second trimester and is the first time (after the announcement) when family and friends get together to celebrate your baby. Your videographer can get your loved one's guesses over what gender the baby will be and will also get memorable shots of your gender reveal and your immediate reaction to the revelation. 

Baby Shower 

The baby shower will often be later in your pregnancy, so you will likely have that pregnancy glow about you. This will eventually allow your child to see what you looked like and acted like while you were pregnant with them. To save money, you do not have to book your videographer for the entire event. An hour should be plenty of time to allow the videographer to get a good amount of footage of you opening presents or cutting cake as well as filming some of the advice your friends and family give you. 

Last Day of Work 

If you are working before the baby is born, you may want to book a short session with your videographer on your last day of work. If you are close with your workmates, the videographer can stop by your workplace to get their well-wishes. Otherwise, invite them to your home to give your final thoughts about the baby before he or she is born. By then, your nursery should be put together and ready to go, making it an excellent place to film your final thoughts before you become a parent. 

Although having a video of your birth can be a good memory, a mini-documentary of your pregnancy might be a better keepsake. If you are unsure of what events to include, talk to your videographer and ask for their suggestions. They may want to include interviews with siblings or grandparents as well as your major pregnancy events.