Novice Lighting Options For DJs

Your goal as a DJ is to control the mood of your audience. Your main tool for doing this is music, but don't underestimate the power of lighting. Combining the visual and audio sensations of both music and light can take your show to the next level. Even a cheap light set can do wonders. The following guide can help you understand the options available through companies like Hollywood DJ, so you can work lights into your show.

Parameters Affecting Flexible Articulating Borescopes

Flexible borescopes are used for remote viewing inspection. They are particularly useful for areas around corners, behind other materials, or within tight areas where a rigid borescope cannot easily maneuver in for inspection. These borescopes have the same basic components as rigid borescopes: an objective lens, optical relay system, source of illumination, and image lens with magnification. In a flexible borescopehowever, optical fibers are used to transmit both the light, and image being viewed.

Wired Vs. Wireless: Choosing Security Cameras For Your Home

Both wired and wireless security cameras have the ability to make your home more secure. However, thanks to the unique way in which each of these camera options work, wired and wireless systems will come with very different sets of pros and cons. By taking a moment to review both the good and bad features associated with each option, you will be able to determine which type of camera system is right for your home.

How To Set Up A Home Recording Studio

Do you have a band that has been performing local gigs for quite some time? Do you want to expand beyond the local realm and get recognized on a national level so you can start touring the country? If so, then you will need to create a demo CD of all your songs so that potential scouts can hear your best music. Finding and traveling to a professional, large-scale recording studio can be expensive and time-consuming, so your best bet for creating one of these CDs is to do it from your home.